lördag 16 januari 2010

Iyaz och The Saturdays?


Iyaz has told MTV News that he’d love to team up with UK girl band The Saturdays.

He said he’d been hanging out with them in clubs since coming over to the our shores. The Replay singer said:

“We were chilling out. The funny thing is like the first time that I ever heard about The Saturdays was the same day that we met.

“I want them to show me how to have a good time in the UK We need to hook up. You people know how to have fun, that's one thing man, everybody is just partying and on the dancefloor. There were definitely good vibes.”

The singer also told us about being discovered by fellow RnB star Sean Kingston. He explained:

“It all get started about two years ago when Sean started hitting me on my MySpace telling me he loves my stuff.

“I didn’t believe it was him so I deleted the messages. Eventually we went on web chat and well I actually see it’s him and then we just hit it off from there man!”

Iyaz revealed he’s pleased to have such quick success on this side of the Atlantic. He said: “It feels good that this is my first time in the UK- so to come here to a number one is so crazy. And to have the number one in the US too feels great.”

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