tisdag 12 januari 2010

HeatWorld: This Friday won't be the first time Danny McFly has sung some opera...

HeatWorld har lagt upp ännu en artikel om Danny och P2O och de har tydligen hittat klippet där Danny delar med sig av sin opera talang! ;)

As we revealed yesterday, McFly's Danny Jones wasn't originally up for the idea of singing opera on Popstar To Operastar (Friday, ITV1, 9pm). In fact, he only decided to go for it because the other McFly boys talked him round. Well, in another interview with the lovely Danny just today (yes, we do have all the luck) he told us the reason he'd been approached in the first place was all because of a very funny Il Divo spoof the band made a while ago. Watching it now, we have to say we're not sure how this would have persuaded anyone that Danny could sing opera - but it's very funny. AND Danny even dances around with his clothes off. Lovely. We're pretty certain he's mastered the actual singing by now, but we'll all have to tune in on Friday to find out for sure. Hopefully he'll take his clothes off again then, too! It is on after the watershed, after all...

Popstar To Operastar, Friday, ITV1, 9pm

(orginal artikel)

Denna bild är på HeatWorlds förstasida och den är ett måste att dela med sig av!

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