fredag 15 januari 2010

Portrait choice awards

I december skrev vi om att McFly var nominerade till Portrait choice awards,
läs det här.

Vinnarna har nu blivit utsedda och Tom vann i TVÅ kategorier!

Coolest YouTube Channel: Tom McFly

Tom McFly and his awesome You-Tube channel has won our Coolest YouTube Channel category 35% of the 15 700+ votes! This is an impressive feat considering the channel was only launched in August 2009! With all the McFly behind the scenes insider goodness that this channel holds, it is certainly an award well won!

Runners Up: Paramore Channel, Jonas Brothers Music.

Fave Male Celeb Twitter: Tom McFly (@tommcfly)

There was no contest with Tom winning 35% of 12 500+ votes for Fave Male Celeb Twitter! With his 181 000+ followers on Twitter that is continually expanding, we’re not surprised that Tom has come out on top! Fans enjoy connecting with Tom on Twitter, and some lucky fans even get tweets back! For those who haven’t been quite as lucky, they still enjoy checking it out to catch a glimpse of what’s going on with McFly on a less formal basis.

Runners Up: Tom Felton: @tomfelton, David Henrie: @david_henrie.

(Kolla in resten av vinnarna här)
xoxo McFluCrew

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